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Crafting a compelling logo identity that effectively represents your brand!

Your logo design is the single representation of you brand and entire brand identity, including color, typography, imagery, texture, and messaging. It’s the conceptual foundation of your brand and all elements of design moving forward. 


Before designing your new logo, our team first meets with you to familiarize ourselves with every aspect of your business to most effectively begin the design process of your logo. Every element and consideration of your new logo takes this information into account. Once we are ready, we begin the preliminary exploration of logo concepts. 

Concept Sketching

Sketching gives us the opportunity to experiment with various styles, graphics, arrangements, and elements before committing time to one single direction. With a collection of logo concepts sketched out, we determine the best ones to move forward with and translate into rough digital applications. 

Honing the Identity

We typically explore several logo design directions in digital format before presenting the digital logo design concepts to you. Once, you approved a logo direction, or a combination of logo design elements you like, we hone the visual identity further and refine it for final delivery to you. 

Logo Delivery

Once the finished logo design is approved, we design the logo in a variety of different design formats including color, black and white, and other color formats, as well as logo versions appropriate for print and digital applications. 

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