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Insight Herbals client engagement:
brand development, logo design, ecommerce website design, site optimization, packaging design

Website redesign & eCommerce platform that translates the core of the brand.

The astrological elements, natural colors, and typographic choices explored during the logo design process became core elements of the brand that were then incorporated into a cohesive website design. As the logo design has a strong vertical symmetry, True Creative designed the website around the use of a strong vertical navigation bar that sits off the left of the website design and features an astrological night sky background.

The focus of any eCommerce website should be the products themselves. The website user experience was optimized around the navigation, organization, and showcasing of the products—with imagery that accurately represented the quality and value of the products.

Packaging design that elevates the product to accurately represent the quality.

Product packaging does more than communicate the ingredients and name of a product, it either elevates the perception of product quality or it detracts from it. It’s the first impression your product makes on your customers. The previous packaging designs of the Insight Herbals products were over-simplified and hand-made. Sometimes these elements are appropriate for a product, but Insight Herbals’ products are premium, handcrafted products that deserve packaging that reinforces these characteristics. That’s exactly what our goal was for the packaging redesign.

We designed new packaging that incorporated the new brand elements, astrological influence, stunning imagery, and beautiful typography to leave an incredible first impression on customers.

eCommerce optimization that ensures quality sales.

The eCommerce online retail world is highly competitive, especially when large online retailers are competing for the same search results and customers. For your eCommerce store to be successful, at minimum, it needs to be optimized to compete in this online search space. Without optimization, clients will not find your website online. As a key component of every website design and build, True Creative optimizes site speed, website page meta data, keyword usage, and page content to ensure that it is poised to appear within search rankings amongst other eCommerce websites that compete within your specific industry.

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